Partnership with Hootsuite confirmed

antegma is happy to announce our newest partnership with the social media experts from Hootsuite. By combining antegma’s competencies with Hootsuite’s exceptional solutions, antegma will provide comprehensive services and build exceptional digital experiences.

As a company antegma recognized social media is not longer just „nice-to-have“ but also an essential part of business success, we are looking forward for all the opportunities to come due to our partnership with Hootsuite.

antegma takes the next step to increase our digital expertise which we want to share with our customers to guide them on their journey of their digital transformation. An open eco-system that features integrations of market leaders like Adobe and Microsoft is not the only reason why we decided to partner with Hootsuite. Well-Known as one of the leading social media solutions, Hootsuite helps to gain deeper customer insights throughout social media listening and monitoring.

To demonstrate how our customer can build these exceptional digital experiences, antegma is currently working on an integrated showcase between Adobe Marketing Cloud and Hootsuite based on the Hootsuite’s API.

antegma’s vision is to combine the best attributes of all those solutions from different providers and make them available to our customers. With Hootsuite, antegma has a strong partner joining us on our way to achieve digital excellence.

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