Connect Adobe Marketo Engage & Microsoft Dynamics 365 with antegma accallio Cloud

Data synchronization and automation across system boundaries. With our connector you can synchronize your customer profiles and trigger actions in both systems.

Use more information than your competition. Accompany and influence the customer journey from start to finish. Create a seamless user experience across different systems.


Synchronization, fully configurable

Out-of-the-box templates for synchronization

Complete control over data mapping, data transformation and all other aspects of the synchronization process

Optional integration with other systems

Key benefits

Don’t miss a lead. Your data is up to date across all systems. With our connector, you are able to keep customer profiles on both systems in sync.

Use features of the connected system. Create applications for your Dynamics 365 users and use the Marketo mailing options for effective sales emails

Optimize your conversions. Use the synchronization to align your communication fully with leads. Implement social selling with the possibilities of Marketo marketing automation and the sales tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Benefit from a tailor-made software package that perfectly matches your company’s requirements. accallio is a tailor-made solution that integrates separate applications into one platform to use synergies.

accallio SP – Microsoft Sharepoint Integration for Adobe Experience Manager

Combine the strength of the Adobe Experience Manager content management system with the power of Microsoft SharePoint to create outstanding intranet solutions and communication platforms.

accallio OX – Microsoft Office 365 Outlook & Exchange integration for the Adobe Experience Manager

Bring the most successful business software into a new context with our integration. Create optimized processes and a seamless user experience by bringing Microsoft Office 365 Outlook & Exchange integration into the Adobe Experience Manager. Compose mails, edit contacts and appointments. All features are available as components in AEM.

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