Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is advertising products, brands and companies via electronic media. Digital Marketing differentiates itself from traditional Marketing through a variety of channels and methods that allow companies to understand and analyze their Marketing Campaign. Based on this data, marketing deciders will be able to understand if their campaign is working as  expected. Anything happens in real-time, allowing companies to optimize their campaigns according to the current collected data.

What is Adobe Marketing Cloud?

Nowadays, Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most complete marketing solution on the market. The Cloud includes all necessary functions that marketing deciders need to gain insights in their customer’s behavior. Furthermore, you are able to create personalized campaigns as well as manage content and assets.

Features of Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Analytics

Convert data into useful insights.

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Adobe Optimizer

Identify your specific target customer.

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Adobe Audience Manager

Create profiles of target customers, to be used everywhere.

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Adobe Primetime

Use any screen as television.

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Adobe Campaign

Establish a unique and uniform design for your campaigns across all channels.

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Adobe Social

Improve the effectivity of your Social-Media-Marketing.

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Adobe Experience Manager

Accessible provision of great digital experiences.

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Adobe Target

Provide your customers personal experiences.

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Hootsuite Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the leading Social Media solution in the market and provides businesses a comprehensive Tool for managing their social networks. As a addition to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Hootsuite provides several possibilities to manage, analyze and measure your social media efforts.

Hootsuite Publisher

Publishing and scheduling of social media posts

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Hootsuite Amplify

Make your employees to brand ambassadors

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Hootsuite Ads

In an easy 4 -step-process to your own social media advertising campaign

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Hootsuite Impact

Discover what you can get out of your ad spend – with the social media ROI from Hootsuite

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Hootsuite Analytics

Make easy and fast descisions with the common social media metrics from Hootsuite Analytics

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Hootsuite Integrationen for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Due to the partnerships with Adobe as well as with Hootsuite, antegma is able to provide a comprehensive and customer centered digital solution. Keep yourself updated and make sure not to miss upcoming Adobe and Hootsuite product launches from antegma.