Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

To implement complex enterprise solutions, which on the one hand have to meet all the requirements of complex corporate structures and on the other hand can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, specialized individual solutions often have to be combined to form a customer-oriented overall system.
The integration solutions from antegma offer enormous advantages: With the ACCALLI/O product family, antegma offers its customers turnkey integration solutions for the Adobe Experience Manager.
ACCALLI/O Cloud, on the other hand, is a cloud-based integration platform. It enables companies to automate business processes, to develop custom applications and processes with no-code and low-code technologies and to realize customer-oriented business processes through the seamless integration of Adobe and Microsoft solutions.


ACCALLI/O Cloud is antegma’s cloud-based application and integration platform for your successful cloud strategy.


With our ACCALLI/O product family we offer our customer ready-to-use integration solutions for Adobe Experience Manager.

No Code / Low Code Platforms

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a suite consisting of apps, services, connectors and a data platform.
It is a complete development environment for the fast and uncomplicated creation of user-defined business applications – even without special programming knowledge.

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful integrated workflow engine that can be used to automate repetitive tasks and processes. Instead of having to write code, point-and-click functions are simply used in the Flow Designer to implement the logic for the respective business processes.

Serverless Platforms

Microsoft Azure Functions

Azure Functions provides serverless Compute for Azure. It’s an on-demand cloud service that provides all of the infrastructure and resources required to run your applications. You can use Functions to build Web APIs, respond to database changes, process IoT data streams, and more.

Apache OpenWhisk

Apache OpenWhisk is an open source serverless platform that performs functions in response to any scope of events. OpenWhisk manages the infrastructure, servers, and scale using Docker containers so you can focus on building efficient applications.

Adobe I/O Runtime

The Adobe I / O Runtime is a serverless platform that can be used to quickly deploy custom code to react to events and perform functions directly in the cloud without the need to set up a server.

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