antegma accallio CA – IBM Connections Integration

accallio CA – Integrate IBM Connections in your Adobe Experience Manager

Extend the scope of functions of your Adobe Experience Manager with a social component and integrate the strength of both systems in one platform.

IBM Connections Integration in Adobe Experience Manager

You can combine the strength of both systems, by integrating IBM Connections in your Adobe Experience Manager.
Realtime Updates
Activity streams will be updated in both systems.
By balancing specific product differences, antegma provides a user-friendly and consistent programming interface for developers.
Customize and Extend
Each component can be customized and extended.

The following IBM Connections functions will be supported

  • Activitystream (Personal / Community)
  • Activities/Tasks
  • Blogs
  • Bookmarks
  • Communities
  • Files
  • Forums
  • Metrics
  • Profiles
  • Wikis
  • Promoting/Liking
  • Sharing
  • Commenting
  • Microblogging/Status Nachrichten
  • Following

accallio STS support

IBM Connections Integrations for Adobe Experience Manager will support accallio STS as well. accalio STS is a single sign on solution for companies using a variety of webservices. Just one Sign-On is necessary, while accallio STS performs the Sign-On, on all relevant platforms.

The following product versions will be supported by accallio CA

Adobe Experience Manager

  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.3
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.2
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.1
  • Adobe Experience Manager 6.0
  • Adobe CQ 5.6
  • Adobe CQ 5.5
  • Adobe CQ 5.4
  • Day CQ 5.3

IBM Connections

  • IBM Connections 6.0
  • IBM Connections 5.5
  • IBM Connections 5.0
  • IBM Connections 4.5
  • IBM Connections Cloud

accallio - Product Integration made easy


Benefit from a customized software package which suits the requirements of your company perfectly. accallio is a tailored solution that integrates separated applications into one platform to utilize synergies.

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