antegma accallio – Product Integrations in Adobe Experience Manager

accallio Product Family

Utilize the synergy of two applications to skim their full potential. Benefit from antegma accallio by improving the performance of your webservices.

accalio’s product family offers customized software integrations for Adobe Experience Manager

antegma accallio CA

Integrate IBM Connections in your Adobe Experience Manager and take advantage of both system’s strength.

antegma accallio OX

You are able to use Microsoft Office Outlook & Exchange within your well-known Adobe Experience Manager interface.

antegma accallio SP

Extend the scope of functionality of the Adobe Experience Manager by integrating Microsoft Sharepoint and its applications.

antegma accallio STS

Integrate Security Token Service solutions from providers like IBM or Microsoft in your current platform. Furthermore, you can benefit from antegma’s STS server solutions.

antegma accallio WA

Integrate the eCommerce functionality of IBM WebSphere Commerce with the Commerce framework of Adobe Experience Manager.

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