antegma ACCALLI/O OX

ACCALLI/O OX - Microsoft 365 Outlook & Exchange integration for Adobe Experience Manager

Whether managing E-Mails, coordinating meetings or allocating tasks, accallio OX implements Microsoft Office 365 Outlook and Exchange in your Adobe Experience Manager. Benefit from synergies of both systems.

E-Mails, Calendar, Contacts

All well-known functions of Microsoft Outlook will be provided. Outlook helps you to manage your daily routine.


Use Exchange within Adobe Experience Manager to coordinate meetings, to manage adresses and to allocate tasks.


Use Office 365 Webservices within your Adobe Experience Manager and combine two separated solutions in one platform.

Use Cases

User Interface

  • Social Intranet: all communication in one place
  • Using email for internal and external communication
  • Access to mails, calendar, tasks, contacts via web interface
  • Ability to seamless share AEM content via email


  • Use the Exchange APIs within your own AEM components and services


Benefit from a tailor-made software package that perfectly matches your company’s requirements. ACCALLI/O is a tailor-made solution that integrates separate applications into one platform to use synergies.

ACCALLI/O SP -Microsoft Sharepoint integration for Adobe Experience Manager

Combine the strength of the Adobe Experience Manager content management system with the power of Microsoft SharePoint to create outstanding intranet solutions and communication platforms.

ACCALLI/O DY - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration for Adobe Experience Manager

Realize integrated customer experience and connect the functions of Microsoft Dynamics with Adobe Experience Manager.

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