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Video Solutions

Whether used in marketing or corporate communication, Videos are crucial for success. Videos can be used to tell emotional stories, to entertain people and to explain detailed contents.

If customers and employees are exposed to videos, they expect them to be accessible on each of their devices.

It is often challenging for companies to provide video content, because the content must fit to specific characteristics of all devices.

With our solutions and our experience, we can help you to overcome these challenges.

antegma's Video Management Solution

With Video Management Solution (VMS), antegma establishes a comprehensive product for providing video content

VMS displays the whole process of providing and playing videos:

Manage, Transcode, Protect, Monetize, Analyze, Deliver and Play.


Digital Magazines

Provide the most recent information about your products and your company by editing a Digital Magazine for customers and employees. Therefore, you can use the content of your print magazine or your web presence.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise

Breathtaking mobile applications to improve your business.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise (DPS) is the leading product for creating Digital Magazines.

Adobe DPS shows his value through high technical flexibility and a user-friendly workflow for authors. You can integrate DPS in other Adobe products as well.

You are able to create Digital Magazines for each common mobile platform, such as Apple IOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile, via Digital Publishing Suite.

You will be able to combine DPS with the following products:

Adobe Experience Manager

Create Digital Magazines within your Content Management System. You can use content of your web presence.

Adobe Analytics

Analyze reading behavior of customers and employees, to ensure your Digital Magazine is ongoing customized according to the reader’s needs.

Adobe InDesign

Take advantage from years of experience in publishing Digital Magazines, by using this solution to design your Digital Magazine.

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