Video Management Solution (VMS)

Features – Video Management Solution

Video Management Solution is based on the following features


Preparing the content for delivery on different platforms.


Managing video content and supporting platforms.


Protect from playing video content to ensure the rights of the copyright owner aren’t violated.


Analyzing user behavior and video-play via tracking.


Supporting ad-funded subscription models and payment models.


Sharing, evaluate and comment on content with the integration of social networks.

Flexible and Customizable

Due to its structure, Video Management Solution is able to improve the functionality and the customizability of providing video content.

Content Everywhere

You can watch  video content on all common video platforms and all devices no matter which size.

Cloud Ready

Our solution is usable as “On Premise” as well as Cloud solution. You can use both at the same time


Customizing the solution according to the needs of your customers, via modular system architecture and workflows

Video Management Solution’s structure