Social Interaction Sync & Scoring

A customer’s interactions with a company or brand provide interesting insights into their relationship. The service “Social Interaction Sync & Scoring” analyzes and evaluates the interactions between customers and company / brand on social media networks.

The insights gained from social interactions can be used to target customers more specifically, for example through improved segmentation of customer data for marketing.

Supported Features

Realtime Sync of social interaction into Marketing Automation & CRM solutions

Lead Scoring of social interaction during Sync process

Archiving of social interaction for future sync processes

Supported Social Networks & Marketing Solutions

Social Networks


Marketing Automation & CRM Solutions

Adobe Campaign
Marketo Engage
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Compatible with Hootsuite

antegma’s ACCALLI/O Cloud – Social Interaction Sync & Scoring can be used together with Hootsuite Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Marketo Engage