antegma accallio STS – Security Token Service Integration

accallio STS – Single Sign-On for all Webservices

Your integrated solution for a simple Single Sign-On in Adobe Experience Manager

Single Sign-On
antegma’s STS integration ensures the Sign-On in all webservices.
accallio STS implements the Security Token Service interface within Adobe Experience Manager, enabling simple access to several tokens for third party services.
Support of third party services
A variety of different authentication mechanisms of third party services causing problems for developers, who want to implement Single Sign-On solutions. Security solutions like iBM Tivoli Federated Identity manager and Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services are able to solve your problems with their STS solutions.

The following Security Token Service solutions will be supported


IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring and Tivoli Composite Application Manager products help optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability. These products track and improve server use to help you control hardware, software and labor costs. They seamlessly integrate tools that alert, identify and isolate incidents with subject-matter expert tools that diagnose and resolve problems.

Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services

Microsoft Active Directory® Federation Services (AD FS) is based on the emerging, industry-supported Web Services Architecture, which is defined in WS-* specifications. AD FS helps you use single sign-on (SS0) to authenticate users to multiple, related Web applications over the life of a single online session.


antegma STS will be supprted by Adobe Experience Manager Forms

antegma’s Security Token Service integration supports Adobe Experience Manager forms as well. You can use forms third party REST and SOAP webservices through the new Form Data Model of Adobe Experience Manager. If those webservices are not protected by supported authentication mechanisms, the Security Token integration in Adobe Experience Manger Forms is able to solve your problems, by providing a suitable implementation of the authentication mechanism. This feature will be able for Adobe Experience Manager Forms 6.3 SP1.

antegma accallio STS Server

STS servers including features of an Identity Provider (IDP), will be provided additionally to the STS interface. You can use the server by combining it with antegema’s STS integration for Adobe Experience Manager, just in case you don’t have your own register service.

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